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Welcome to our Opportunities section, where we invite you to review the business ventures and professional interests and capabilities of Jeff Hooks. While this information is comprehensive, we understand that it cannot cover every unique business or opportunity, so please use this as a guideline only, when making your decision to pursue discussions with Jeff.


After careful review, if you think there is synergy between your needs and Jeff’s capabilities, please fill out the Opportunity form on the following page, or contact Jeff at the email addresses below.

Jeff@JLHooks.com or Dana@JLHooks.com.

Professional Capabilities

Business Management Consulting
Profitability Analysis/Growth Strategy
New Product/Market Development
Channel/Distribution Design & Development
Opportunity Analysis & Planning
Organizational Structure Design
Sales and Marketing Strategy & Operations
Sales Quota & Compensation Planning    
Funnel Management & Activity Planning
Leadership Training & Team Building
Strategic Partnerships and Joint Ventures
Public Speaking/Keynote Speaker

Current Portfolio of Companies


Providentia Group, LLC
Providentia Consulting, Inc.
Providentia Holdings, LLC

HMB Global, LLC


Hooks Wellness Group (www.HooksWellness.com)


Formed Products (FormedProducts.com)

Senior Advisor

Defense Products Services Group, LLC (www.DPSGUSA.com)